Saturday, 25 January 2014

A Belated Happy 2014

well, this post is a little belated, I'm afraid. But I decided if I didn't post now, it is never gonna happen. Not with a baby on the way in five weeks! I promise not to bore everyone with endless baby pics - at least I promise to TRY. 

These a a few pics I took over the Christmas break near our place in Northern NSW, on our roamings through the backblocks. Most of these though are within a 10 minute drive - I know, how lucky are we? The wallabies are the ones we see every morning at dawn from our bedroom window.

There was pretty much only one temperature range - stinking hot. So our good intentions of slowly taming our 5 acres took a bit of a battering. We did manage to start on kitchen garden, and get a few seedlings started though. But mostly we watched the Poms get thrashed.

I've just had our first mangoes from our very own trees - heavenly!  

Happy New Year to everyone - I hope its a good one. 

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