Sunday, 21 April 2013

In Enemy Territory

While we had the chance, Mick and I took a very quick trip down to 'enemy territory', otherwise known as NSW. We desperately needed to just sit and have a bit of thinking time and clear heads. Wooli is one of those coastal villages, that is still stuck in the 50's. There are no restaurants (I'm not including Harry's chinese at the Bowls Club), no bars, no shops. Just a river and a beach. I wonder how many of them are left? Even the 'grocery store' was limited to a lettuce, 5 tomatoes, two carrots and some onions in the veggie section. No fancy houses here.I loved it. For $60 a night, we had a house 10m from the beach.

I did struggle a bit with taking photos. I've taken so many portraits lately, I've forgotten how to take landscape shots. But such as they are - here you go.

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