Friday, 22 March 2013

WA left, NT right

This week, I went on a work road trip to Whyalla, which is almost at the top of the Spencer Gulf in South Australia. It involved lots of flying in small planes, which is NOT my favourite passtime, especially in 50km/hr winds. But it was great to get out of the office, and I couldn't but help take my camera along, now could I? Because I had someone else with me, I was limited to what photos I could take; I missed a great one of a road sign that had one arrow west (to Perth, WA) and the other to the north (Darwin, NT). Yep, Whyalla is the middle of nowhere.

I went through Adelaide airport a total of 4 times in 3 days, so there are a couple of shots of Adelaide, but the rest are taken around Whyalla, which is, to be polite, on the industrial side. And its RED. the dust is red, the streets are red, and most of the buildings are red. My clothes were definitely RED by the end of it.

Not my greatest set of photos, but feeling the need to post after a break.

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