Saturday, 6 October 2012

Brisbane Open House

Yesterday was Brisbane Open House Day. A great concept where you are able to visit normally closed buildings; everything from churches to brand new ecobuildings. We made it to the very new and shiny Brisbane Supreme Court, the beautiful old Anne st presbyterian church that I pass almost every day and have never been inside, the very mysterious and slight creep masonic temple and the Donovan Hill Architects studio. 

The law courts were plush to the point of outrageousness, whilst the masonic temple, whilst just as ostentatious in an old world sense, was by far the most fascinating. Word of warning, do NOT start a conversation with a mason, you will never escape. They were only too willing to share stories of templar knights, initiation ceremonies and the odd blinged apron. Again, a building I've passed so often but never new what lay inside. 

So, get on out there yourselves next year, it was a fun day. And of course, a great chance to take the camera out for the day. Thanks Nikki and Greta for the company.

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