Saturday, 19 May 2012

Tasmania:End of the World

Tasmania sometimes feels like the end of the earth. Geographically, it almost is. But that is its beauty. You can still walk through its forests, or along its coastline and it looks pretty much like it would have hundreds of years ago. Photographically, its pretty hard to take a bad photo - the light is exquisite, and there's a photo in every direction you look. 

I spent four days there earlier this month, catching up with my mate from Lombok last year, Holly. A lot of the photos you see are taken in Holly's backyard. Thanks Holly!

Holly lives in the Huon Valley, which is about 40 minutes south of Hobart. It's the home of apple growing in Australia, and Autumn is definitely the time to see it. I visited Mt Field National Park, and timed it just right, with the Nothofagus being out - this is Australia's only native deciduous plant (I think  - probably should check that!). We also stayed at the beautiful Stewart Bay Lodge on the Tasman Peninsula, walked the Cape Huay Track and spent a day on the wild Bruny Island. Oh, and went to the Salamanca Markets - amazing how much you can do in a few days.

Tassie is addictive, and I hope I make it back there soon. 


  1. What a gorgeous collection of photos. And you're right... you can cover a lot of territory in just a few days and see a variety of amazing things in Tasmania. Glad you enjoyed it. Come back soon.

  2. wonderful photos...;-)